JOAN BENZ, originally from Minnesota, has shared her music at  
nursing homes, retirement communities and many conferences.  She
has also entertained professionally at bookstores, coffee houses and
lounges,  singing original music as well as many popular favorites.

Since 1997, Joan has released 4 CDs of mostly original songs about
life, love, God, nature, personal  experiences and social issues.  Her
CD entitled “Standing By You” is dedicated to victims of violence and
abuse and to the advocates who help such victims become
survivors.  The CD includes all original songs about domestic
violence, victims of crime, child abuse, aging and other social issues.  
Joan wrote some of the songs while she stayed in a  domestic
violence shelter shortly after leaving her abusive husband in 1997.
          “Standing By You”
                       Released in 2002

All original songs about social issues, such as
domestic violence, child abuse, aging, and victims of

This CD is dedicated to all victims of violence and
abuse and to the men and women who act as
advocates to help victims become survivors.
        Released in 2001

Original songs  as well as favorites such as “Wind
Beneath My Wings”, Blowin in the Wind” and  
“Leavin on A Jet Plane"
     “GOD WITH ME”
         Released  in 1999

Original gospel songs and favorites such
as “Amazing Grace”, How Great Thou
Art, and “One Day At A Time”
         Released in 1998

All original songs by Joan.
All CDs released by Joan can be purchased
     by contacting Joan directly at:     
Some singles can be found on I-Tunes